Club Med Ixtapa is a resort with great feel. Plus, it’s a fabulous place to go and simply relax. I’ve been to the resort a couple of times over the years. There is something for everyone.

What You Should Know Before You Book

Club Med is considered the original all-inclusive resort and has locations all over the world, usually in exotic places. Some of the most popular locations are in North America and the Caribbean, and I thought I share my thoughts regarding this location based on my experience with the resort.

Getting THere

There are plenty of direct flights from many US cities as well as many charter flights in the winter. It is best to book early to ensure the best airfare rates.

Getting Around

Your best option is to take a cab to the resort rather than taking the Club Med transfer. The cabs are able to get right into the resort to where you check in so it is super convenient. It will be a lot less expensive compared to the transfer.

The Ixtapa Resort


The Club Med Ixtapa resort is pretty isolated. In other words, this is a place to go and simply relax. You won’t be going off any excursions. The resort is well laid out and pretty concentrated. So you don’t have to do a lot of walking to get to the various areas of the resort.


The resort rooms are nice and the colour schemes of the rooms, and the rest of the resort, are nice and understated. I’ve been to some Club Med resorts where I find the colours to be a little to bright and in my face for my tastes. One of the nice things about Club Med Ixtapa is the family rooms. These are well set up with the bathroom situated between the two sleeping areas. Keep in mind that the room is a bit of an open style concept. So, if you’re big on privacy, even amongst family members, this type of room may not be for you.


The main dining area provides good variety and has a bunch of different themed rooms. There is plenty of dining inside and outside to suit your fancy. The resort also has an alternative, fancier, full-service restaurant in a separate building that has terraced dining. This restaurant also has snacks and hors d’oeuvres in the afternoon. There’s also cooking demonstrations that even the kids will have fun participating in.

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Activities & Things to Do


There are a number of tennis courts and you can take lessons.


There are not as many activities to enjoy as some of the other Club Med resorts, and what they do offer is pretty standard fare.


Club Med Ixtapa has fabulous sandy beaches as well as fantastic lounge beds down in the sand. The surf is nice and easy and the water is quite warm. So it’s a pleasure to spend time in the water.


There are a few pools and they are all quite nice.

For the Kids

The resort has a circus school for children as well as plenty of activities to keep your young ones busy. They have a Baby Club as well as a Petite Club that is not always available at all Club Med resorts. So you can relax and enjoy your own activities as the kids have fun with theirs.


Since the resort is isolated, the only shopping you’ll be doing will be in the resort’s gift shop.

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